Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{when I’m sad…}

Hi there :) Times have been tough around here the last few weeks. The little man is REALLY struggling and it’s breaking my heart. It’s not bad everyday, but when it’s bad it’s BAD. I cherish the good days and super wish the bad days would go away.

Anyhow, when I’m down it really helps me to dress cute. Is that weird? If I get get going early and put a little effort into my appearance, I just feel better. Like I’m ready to face the day.

Today is a sad day. But I feel cute so it’s helping!

Urban Turban: Made by Me

Favorite Gray Sweater: Forever 21

Flowy Tank: Target

Leggings: Walmart

Boots: Ross

If you’re feeling down…dress up a little. It helps. So does chocolate. And coffee.

Hope you have a happy day. I am testing a recipe I found on Pinterest (yes it contains chocolate) so I will post a review tomorrow! Stay tuned!



  1. I'm sorry your little guy is having a rough time. You look cute! I do think that dressing up or doing something that makes you feel cute helps the mood. I do that a lot of time too.

  2. Love that we thought alike today. don't love that life's been rough. Praying for you! (you DO look cute and I agree that helps!!)

  3. Thinking of you friend and wishing you great days full of sunshine ahead! xoxox Debbie @InspiredHoneyBee


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