Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I got a new toy & I made something pretty for it!

Hi friends! Thanks so much to all who shopped at Sew Chatty on Cyber Monday! It was a fun day and your pretties are on their way!
I took advantage of Cyber Monday myself! I got a pattern for a new product coming soon to the shop…my first “softie”. It’s adorbs. You’re going to love it. I’ll be stitching up a sample for show and tell next week!
Annnnnnnnd….I got a new camera!!! FINALLY. I’ve been wanting one FOREVER and am now the proud owner of a DSLR. I feel so fancy. I got the Canon Rebel EOS T3 and a smokin’ deal. It’s their most basic camera. I’ll mostly be using it for the shop and blog and for general family fun so I didn’t need anything too big time. Here she is! More on the slipcover in a minute…
Camera Strap Slipcover
I’m told I need a 55mm lens and I’d like a tripod at some point. All in good time I guess!
Here are a few of the pics I’ve snapped so far…These are really random so I apologize. Just trying to figure this thing out.
So un-ladylike. She does this ALL.THE.TIME.
Pretty new fabric waiting to be washed.
Basket o’ quilty goodness. All handmade by my grandma, mom, and myself…except that mint Sunggie.
Little man who fell asleep reading his Bible. How CUTE is that???!
Like I said…randoms, but I’m having fun! I took an AWESOME shot of the laundry basket on my dining room table, but I don’t think showing you a picture of my husbands underwear would be appropriate!
Now for the crafty part of this post…
My new camera DEFINITELY needed a pretty strap slipcover so I did some Googling and came across a really great tutorial from The Cottage Home on how to make a nice gathered one.
Fabrics I chose…pink, gray, cherry blossoms, polka dots…happy.
I mostly followed her directions, but I ended up not using the ribbon as trim down the middle and just pulling out the gathering stitch. I love it! Once I finished it I tried to take a few pictures for WIWW….this is the best one. Yikes.
Camera strap slipcover: Made by me {TUTORIAL HERE}
Cardi: Target
Dress: Kohl’s
Jeans: Target
…and I’m wearing gray TOMS, but I cut off me feet. I’m learning alright!
I think I’m going to have fun this! Do you have any beginner photog tips for me? If so leave them in comments. I have no idea how to use this thing!
Have  a Happy Day!

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  1. Just have fun with the camera, test out the different settings, lighting, etc. I took a class in HS, but unfortunately I don't use a manual camera anymore. My advice is to just experiment with it.

  2. LOVE it! Great job on the camera strap and have fun with your new're going to have a great time figuring it out! Happy holidays to you :)


  3. Pinterest has a bunch of great links on DSLR tutorials. Have the strap!


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