Friday, November 4, 2011

{InstaFriday} a week of real life in phone pictures

I'm linking up with Jeanette for InstaFriday again this week! So many fun things to catch you up on!
life rearranged
1. Made one of my go to large group dinners! French Dip Sammies. 4 Ingredients...3 lb raost, bottle of beer, can of beef broth, can of french onion soup. Toss everything in the crock pot and cook on low for 7-9 hours. Serve on french rolls with salad and sweet potato fries...YUM. Everyone loves it!
2. Lots of boutique prep going on around here. Designed a new clutch with a gathered front and they are ADORABLE.
3. Got a new candle! I love fally candles! Got this butter pecan pie one at Walmart for like $5 and it smells so tasty. I'd like to eat it.
4. LOTS of Coffee Cuffs were made for the boutique. You're coffee is going to be so cute!
5. Lots of crocheting Urban Turbans too while I wait in the car for the little man to do OT.
6. Because there has been LOTS of sewing...there has also been LOTS of Legos.

1. "Dark Vader" with his "Light Saver" all ready for Trick or Treating. Adorbs.
2. Me and my Momma all dressed up for Dancing With The Stars! We had a blast. Got super blessed with GREAT seats and made it on TV 3 times.
3. Guy out front of the studio renting chairs and selling water. If you've ever waited all day for a show taping, you know this is BRILLZ.
4. Momma and I in line. We were first! Really not sure how that happened!
5. The fountain at The Grove. SO lovely. Made me want to go to the Belagio in Vegas.
6. We had dinner at the LA Farmers Market after the show taping. Went to Magee's for Corned Beef and a side of Mac too :) Yummy.
7. Went running the next day to work of said Mac and Cheese and it was SO windy a tree actually fell down on the running trail!

We had a great week! Hope you did too! Go link up with Jeanette!




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