Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{the beginning of a picnic quilt}

I am in the middle of Spring boutique season and have no business quilting instead of working on show inventory, but I ran across this quilt block tutorial yesterday and HAD to try it. Yep. Had to. So I did!

 This is a Whirligig block and I think it's just so cute and PERFECT for a picnic quilt!

I went through all my scraps and pulled coordinating fabrics to match those sweet little strawberries!

For now I have to be happy with just the one block because I have SO much other sewing to do, but I am super excited to finish this quilt and take my boys on a spring picnic!

Have a happy day!

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  1. That's going to be really pretty!!!! :) Can't wait to see it when your done!!

  2. YOu have such a beautiful blog! Those fabrics are just encahting too!! Lucky to have found you (and thanks must go to Kelli of eat pray read love!)

  3. SO SO pretty!! Now get to work :)
    Let me know if you are ever doing any shows down south and I'll pop in for a visit :)

  4. Love it! I'm taking a quilting class this month, and so I'm already planning my next quilt...I'll have to check out the tutorial. ;)

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  6. such a cute block! I'm always afraid of any "wonky" block, but I'm thinking I might have to branch out and try one!


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