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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{Let's SEW something}

Are you looking for some new sewing inspiration?

Head on over to my pin board I created just for sewing projects! 245 projects on there currently which ought to keep you busy for a while! 

Here are a few projects I'm dying to make as soon as I get some free minutes!

1. How cute are these mason jar cozies from A Pretty Cool Life? Love. So much cute. And I don't know about you, but I drink so much more water when my cup is cute!

2. The Awesome Bag from Versus Mag. I have the perfect fabric for the lining and I'm thinking chambray for the outside. And some cute fabric covered buttons. Yes. Definitely. Great grab and go bag for the fall.

3. Lovin' these fabric bangles from LBG studio. I'm having a hard time locating the hardware, but as soon as I do, I'm making a million of these. Great scrapbuster and such a fun little gift idea. If you've seen the hardware somewhere recently, let me know!

4. Mama needs a cute new apron for all that fall baking. Great tutorial from Amy Hearts It.

5. I'm addicted to these tshirt scarves at Come On Ilene. Soft and cozy. Perfect for our weather here that's not too cold but just cool enough for a cute scarf and boyfriend cardi. Perfection.

What's on your sewing list this month? Head on over to my board and check out all the fun projects! Have a happy day!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Weekender Bag: Pattern Review}

Hey there! Happy Thursday to you all! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Summer here we come! So excited to slow down and do some fun stuff with my boys!

We have several trips planned for the summer months which prompted me to finally make this Weekender Bag! I've been hoarding the pattern for over a year. Got it at a JoAnn's pattern sale for $1. Sweet deal. This is a great bag. It's big. I mean REALLY BIG.

This is Simplicity Pattern 2274 designed by Studio Cherie. Like I mentioned above, I got mine at JoAnn's during a sale, but it is also available on Amazon. I'm going to show you a few pics of my finished bag and tell you a few things that helped me along the way should you decide to make one of your own! For reference, this is comparable in size to the large Vera Bradley bag.

To construct this bag you need:

*8 ounce polyester quilt batting 1.5 yards
*Muslin (or other desired lining fabric) 44” wide, 1.5 yards
*Feature Fabric 44” wide or 54” wide, 1.5 yards
*Contrasting fabric for handles 44” or 54” wide, one yard
*#5 Nylon Coil Zippers one at least 21” long and one at least 13” long
*Jute Webbing (found in upholstery notions)3.5” wide, 3.5 yards
*Optional Wide Seam Binding 6 yards

12" (30.5cm)high
Strap Drop 11"(28cm)long enough to wear over your shoulder.

Sew Chatty Notes: I am not of fan of polyester batting. I like the finished look and feel and weight of cotton batting way better so I chose to use cotton. However I didn't get enough! This bag is GIANT! I ended up piecing some scraps together which worked but took a lot of extra time! If you choose to use cotton batting instead of polyester, make sure you get enough! I chose to use a Kona cotton solid for the lining instead of muslin. For the outer fabric, you just can't go wrong with Amy Butler! Her large beautiful prints lend themselves to a beautiful finished bag! I couldn't find the jute webbing so I used 2" wide twill tape instead and it worked out just fine. I just had to narrow the handle strips. NBD. I love how they turned out. I did not bind my seams either. The pattern didn't recommend that, but she does mention it on her shop listing. Anyhow, I did finish all the seams with a zig zag stitch and I'm confident that they'll hold up nicely.

Here is a close up of the outer pocket on the front of the bag. Great for maps, tickets, itineraries, etc...

This is the outer, pleated, zipper pocket. Super handy for chargers and other small items you don't want floating around inside.

A close up of the quilting! I quilted it much heavier than the pattern said to, but I like the quilted look. I made sure to cute my lining and batting pieces an inch wider/longer to account for any shifting during quilting. I quilted straight vertical and horizontal lines and doubled my horizontal lines with an additional stitch line 1/4 below the first. I also did a lot more top-stitching than the pattern said to. I like top-stitching. Pretty and sturdy!

Some additional things you might find helpful: I would consider this an intermediate sewing project. The construction is pretty straight forward of you've made bags, quilted and worked with zippers before. If you want to save yourself A LOT of pre-quilted fabric from the fabric store and use a pretty print as the pockets, handle, and tab accent. This bag cost about $40-$50 to make and about 15 hours of time total. I am making bags for my husband and son and have already purchased pre-quilted fabric for theirs as well as really fun prints for the accents.  I would probably us a layer of interfacing on the tabs next time because they feel a little flimsy to me. This bag came together really easily with no seam ripping at all!!! Woo hoo! The trickiest part is attaching the side pieces to the body. Make sure you really pay attention to the pattern markings. I found it easiest to stitch the top, then each side, then the bottom.

Hopefully my tips will help you if you decide to make yourself a pretty new bag! If you have any other questions I'll be happy to answer in comments.

See, I told you it was big! ;)

I can't wait to take her on many many summer trips! If you make one, I really want to see it so post the link in the comment section ok??? I wish you all happy and safe summer travels!

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Beach Bag Tutorial}

Hi friends! I have a super fun summer project to share with you today! With summer approaching quickly I knew we needed a beach bag, but I'm super cheap and can't find one I like to fit my tiny budget time! 

I wanted to make a bag out of a towel so I did a little Googling and what do you know, our good friend Martha Stewart had a great towel beach bag! However, I found the directions majorly lacked details so if you are a visual person like me I hope you'll appreciate a few more pictures, descriptions and easy tweeks! Here we go!

1 hand towel in the same color {Target $3.49 for a the bottom of this post I'll show you what I made with the extra towel!}
webbing, twill, tape, ribbon, or fabric to make your handles, each cut to 25"
2 buttons (optional)
basic sewing supplies

I chose to make my own handles out of fabric as opposed to using webbing, but you can do whatever you want! Just make sure you have 2 25" lengths of whatever you chose to use.

 Pin your handles to the long side of your hand-towel 7.5 inches in from each side. You are also pinning them 3" down from the top. Make sure not to twist the handle. It should look like a "U".  Also make sure you pin the handle to the "right side" of the towel. I left the tags on the towels so it would be easy for me to tell which side was which. 

Stitch each side of the handle down in a rectangle to reinforce the straps and make sure they are nice and strong. It will look like this...

 Now you are going to lay your hand towel on top of the short side of your bath towel and mark where you need to put the other handle. Martha's directions tell you to get a hand towel that is the same width as your bath towel. Mine was like an inch and a half shorter, but I made it work. Center your hand towel onto your bath towel (if they aren't the same length) and pin as a marker where you need your other handle to go.
 All pinned and ready to stitch down the same way you stitched the other handle. In a rectangle to reinforce the straps.
 Ok, now the straps are attached so lay them right sides together matching the handles and the top edges. See how my hand towel is a little shorter? Irritating, but it really doesn't matter too much. If I was super fancy and had a serger, I would have trimmed the bath towel to the length of the hand towel and serged the raw edge, but I'm not fancy.
 Once everything is lined up, pin the bottom edge of the hand towel to the bath towel.
 Stitch down with a 3/8" allowance. *Note: I used my walking foot because terry cloth is cushy. Worked well, but if you don't have a walking foot, just use lots of pins and go slow.
 Now you are going to pin the sides and stitch them down also using a 3/8 allowance.

All stitched!!! This is how you lay on it at the beach. You can put your cover up or something in the pocket as a pillow. Awesome but here is the fun part...flip the bag part inside out...
 See how the towel is hanging out? Roll it up and tuck it inside. It will look like this...
 Love it! Except for those little flappies that the excess bath towel made, but never fear...buttons to the rescue!
I just hand sewed a button to each flap and it's holding it down and out of the way just fine. 

Want to see what I made with the extra towel???
A fun little pouch to hold my wallet, phone, sunscreen and anything else on the small side that I don't want floating around in the big bag!

I hope this tutorial makes sense! It's really not hard at all and you end up with a really good sized bag to take with you to the beach! I can't wait for summer!!!

Check out Martha's bag which was my inspiration and guidelines for this bag.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Tunic...Pattern Review}

Hey there! I hope you are all having a great week! Today I'm sharing a top that I made for Snap!

 This was a really fun and easy pattern to sew! I always hit up JoAnn's when they are having their pattern sale and I scored this pattern at the last one for $1. I chose a vintage inspired eyelet with little orange flowers that I ordered at
I shared an Instagram of the pattern before I sewed it up which was great because a friend that has already made this top told me to gather the top instead of pleat it which worked out great! It came together really quickly! Start to finish was about 3 hours. It's a little loose, so it really needs to be belted. 

Here is how I wore it!

A brown leather belt would have been fabulous! Anyhow, I loved making this tunic and I can't wait to make more! I'm going to try it in a knit next time. I think it would drape nicely.

Happy sewing!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

{adding a handmade touch pt. 2}

Hi there! Thanks for coming back for part two of my mini makeover series! Yesterday I shared a simple handmade touch to a store-bought dress and today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make zipper pulls for a store-bought bag!

I got this bag at Target for around $30. 

 I love it. It's sturdy, cute, and holds a ton! And there are a bunch of pockets which is my favorite. I have made myself a lot of purses and bags and totes, but have yet to make a cross-body bag of this nature. Maybe someday, but until then I'll stick to adding a handmade accent to a super functional bag.

This is a crazy simple tutorial and would be a great beginner project or scrap buster for you veterans. Here we go!

You'll need:
existing zipper pulls as a guide
fabric & coordinating thread
basic sewing tools
fray check

 Remove existing zipper pulls from bag and measure the length so you know how long to cut your fabric strips.
 Cut your fabric strips 2 inches x the length of the current pulls. I made mine a little wider than the originals because I wanted them to stand out more. 
 Press the strip in half length wise then press the two long edges into the middle.
 Press flat. Repeat for second strip.
 Top-stitch down each edge with coordinating thread. I used an 1/8" top-stitch here. Repeat for second strip.
 Trim the edges up nice and neat since things can tend to shift a smidge during sewing. Do this for both strips.
 Apply fray check to both trimmed edges of each strip and allow for it to dry. Once the edges are dried, put the new pulls where you took off the old ones!

Just a simple little addition, but I think it adds a bit of character and handmade goodness to what was already a fabulous bag! Enjoy!

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