Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Shop Update}

Happy Friday!

I have a fun shop update for you today!

I'll be listing these pretty Shabby Blossom Bags as soon I have nice lighting to photograph pics are nice and all, but they are way prettier in proper lighting :)

All Baby and Home items are now shipping for FREE in the US!

I'm working as fast as I can to add more of your favorite items to the shop. I think I need an assistant! Maybe someday...

I'll update when the bags are up :) Happy Shopping!


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  1. Those are really cute Elizabeth! I love your new look a lot!

  2. They are gorgeous! Love them!
    And love my little pouch I bought recently purchased! It's my make up bag for my purse!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  3. I love these! Love the new look youve had with the canvas.

  4. new follower!! stopped by from lovestitched, love your work!


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