Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day {creative space reveal}

It took several days and lots of elbow grease but the office makeover is finished!

Here is what it looked like before…cluttered and messy.


And here it is now! Come on in and I’ll show you around!

110_4879I showed you all this area already, but in case you missed it…here is my revamped ironing station!


Next, I moved the desk, relocated my cutting matt, cleared off and painted the bulletin board, and made a few accessories for the desk!


Thanks so much to The Secret Stitch Club for sharing their tutorial for the cute little “Keep Calm and Sew On” printable! Love it! And see that little mug rug??? Those will be coming to the shop in the very near future!


I also made a new cover for my sewing machine! I will be guest posting the tutorial for this ruffley goodness on a fabulous blog in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details on that!


Then I made a cover for my boring folding chair. I chose a sunny yellow vintage inspired fabric. I also made a cushion for my bum. Hours of sewing is hard on the tailbone :P


I painted this bulletin board to match the other one and I added some teeny tiny bunting. So cute! Thanks to Andrea from Knitty Bitties for this printable. Something I need to be reminded of everyday!


Here is the backside of my desk where I store all my stuff.


On this shelf, I store my fabric and works in progress.


My cutting matt and tools we relocated here, to the other half of our L-shaped office desk. It’s working out nicely. And in case you can’t tell…I am printable obsessed! Thanks to Kim at Yellow Songbird for this one!


This is the email checking desk. As I have mentioned previously…I blog from the couch due to laziness. Still working on getting a new chair. This one is GINOURMOUS.

110_4888 Well that’s it. This is where I make all the pretty things for the shop! I hope you have enjoyed the tour!

Oh and make sure you stop by See Kate Sew today for my tutorial on the Conversation Heart Coasters!


Have a great day friends!


  1. it looks great! i can't wait to get my room done. your room makes me want to go work on it right now! thanks for sharing the where you got the keep calm and stitch on picture.. i'll have to pop over to the secret stitch club to check it out.


  2. I love your space! Mine looks like the first picture :)

  3. I am so jealous :) You have a great space to begim with and now it is even better :) Love the printables and the color blue you used to paint :) Great job :)

  4. so cuuuute! love the colors in your craft/office area! nice job:D

  5. All that hard work definitely paid off. So nice to have a clean fresh space to get those creative juices going huh? Love the printables you used - they add that extra touch.

  6. very nice and I love your sewing machine cover! Ruffles are so fun!

  7. Your new space is beautiful and so well organized! It must be so inspiring to be able to create in such an nice room. I love the sewing machine cover...I'll be keeping an eye out for that tutorial!

  8. Amazing! I love it, everything comes together so beautifully! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. :)

  9. Such a pretty and cozy place to create! Love it!

  10. The sewing room really looks great. I hope you will link up to my blog party. The link opens up tonight at 8pm EST.

  11. So organized....love it! I really like the signs you have in there! Visiting from DIYDesign.

  12. I'm so glad you linked up your sewing room to my party. It really looks great. Hope to see you at next week's party again.

  13. I love it all! The mug rug, that beautiful blue paint, and the sweet little ironing board with cover... I can't pick just one favorite thing. Happy creating!

  14. Love your space - I so need to do my space!

  15. I love your space - looks like a place where a creative genius would work!


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