Friday, February 18, 2011

The more official {Shop Update}

Well, the sun finally peaked out for a split second so that I could get some decent pics of the new Shabby Blossom Bags!

I was able to list 2 new bags in the shop and there are several more in the works.

Shabby Blossom Bag in Plum Flowers and Mustard

 110_5005 110_5006

Shabby Blossom Bag in Leaves and Zucchini {yes, that’s the real name of the cotton solid!}

 110_5000 110_5001

Did you hear the news???

All baby and home items are now shipping for FREE in the US! Need a baby shower or housewarming gift? Now is a great time to get them!

Teeny Tiny Baby Shoes


Ruffled Baby Quilts


Ruffled Dish Towels


Essential Burp Cloths


I let the chores slide a bit this week and I am regretting that now. Needless to say instead of working on more items for the shop today…I’ll be cleaning. Boo.

Have a great day friends and happy shopping!!!


  1. I'm here from Love Stitched. I'm just in love with your blog. I will be visiting regularly. :)

    I just love your ruffled dish towels. So cute!

  2. Your creations are just lovely!
    Hope you're feeling better real soon!



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