Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{oh, just a little summer crafting}

Summer is wrapping up for us. Just a few weeks left before the little goes back to school. Bittersweet really. We've had a great summer, but I always love getting back to routine. Routine is my favorite. But for now, we're soaking up these last few days the best we can!

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Summer has had us on the go a lot. We almost always are bring lunch and snacks and toys and various things along wherever we go so I figured it would be fun to make a tote bag with Carter that was just his! A place to contain all of his stuff that ultimately he is responsible for. Want to see how we made it???

 Gather your supplies! A plain white canvas tote, your colors of choice, any appliques or embellishments you'd like to add. Not pictured, the squeeze bottle we used to mix the dye in and then used to apply the dye. Note: We ended up not using the appliques which bummed me out because I thought they were cute, but Carter likes things plain. Anyhow...
 We did this project in the bathtub. Line your tub with and old yucky towel you don't care about. Wet and squeeze dry your tote. Section off with rubberbands. Mix dye according to the package directions.
Grab some gloves, and let your kid squirt the dye on the bag. He figured out the pattern he wanted and went for it. Good times.
Mix your next color and repeat the squirting process. Yes, it's very hard to tell that we used orange AND yellow because they look exactly the same. Once you're done dyeing, let it sit for a bit then rinse it under water until the water runs clear. Snip your rubber bands off and unscrunch your bag.
Ta-da! We let our bag air-dry outside for a few hours then we gave it a quick wash in the washing machine by itself. All done and ready to use!

Carter loaded his tote up with a few books, some little toys, and Uno and we went to the park to soak up some sunshine!

If you're like us and have a few weeks left of summer there's still time to do some fun crafty stuff with your kids! Head on over to JoAnn's Cape Discovery and check out all the awesome projects.

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  1. Awesome little projects, my littles would love this. Especially since we just went to a Tie Dye B-day party


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