Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Our game ALL the cards}

We love to play cards. We're super competitive, but all in good fun. Being the young adults pastors at our church, we have the gang over each week. Most Wednesdays they come early for dinner and stay late to hang out so I got the idea to keep a basket of card games in our table centerpiece. Now every night is game night!

Here's our re-vamped centerpiece! This was super easy and fun to throw together. This fun pink tray houses our straws {paper and plastic for those who think paper straws are creepy...they kind of are}, our salt and pepper shakers {dollar store}, my happy owl vase {Ross} and our new little game basket!

In the basket lives all of our favorite card games! Dutch Blitz is my FAVORITE!!!!!! I learned it while we were camping. Addicted. I for real bought it on Amazon the day we got home. Also in the basket are Story Cubes because Carter LOVES them, Farkle dice {more on that in a second} and a notepad that I washi'd {of course} and a pencil to keep score of all the games. 

Ok, about Farkle. We heart the Farkle, but that canister thing is way to big for my cute little basket soooo...

I made a cute little drawstring pouch for the dice and instructions! Way cuter than the clunky canister right?! Yes.

Thanks for popping in to see me today! Have a happy day!

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  1. I love your card centerpiece! And with Farkle being one of our favorites, I will be making CUTE drawstring pouch for it. Thanks!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

  2. What a great idea! I am also a huge Dutch Blitz fan. This seems like really nice way to make the dinner table fun.

  3. Love the mini drawstring pouch, super cute!


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