Friday, May 11, 2012


It's been a fabulous week in super sunny Orange County! Here is peek at my week via Intagram pics! Are you on Instagram? Follow me @sewchatty!

 The Husband and I got to go on a date night last Friday and we had so much fun! The food trucks are always fantastic! It was kind of my last hooray before...
 The Green Monster Smoothie. I'm determined to lose 12 lbs and these are going to help. SO YUMMY! Here is the recipe I've been making with a few of my tweaks too:

1/2 cup FF yogurt (I use one of the Greek Vanilla ones from Trader Joe's)
1/2 cup FF milk (you could sub for almond or soy whatever you like)
6 almonds (I used 1TBSP of PB instead and it was YUM)
1 banana (I also used 1/2 a banana and 1/2 a mango one day. Any light colored fruit is fine)
1 pkt Splenda 
a handful of baby spinach (about a cup)

Throw everything into the blender (you don't need a fancy one either) and enjoy!

***I promise you don't taste the spinach at all and when you add PB...seriously amazing***

The little man got a haircut. He picked it out his own cut from the book at the salon. So big. || I have been drinking buckets of iced tea this week. If you don't have an iced tea maker, go to Target and get one! My favorite iced tea is the mango black tea from TJ's. || Greek yogurt. Delish. Even better with my Hello Kitty spoon. || Got my new Living and Everyday Food magazines! Martha is inspiring as always! || I made a super cute knotted crochet headband that I've been wearing almost everyday! || We went for a walk after dinner the other night because it was so beautiful! Great night for scootering! || This rose is in the garden. Lovely.

Have a great weekend everyone! Have you entered my Favorite Things giveaway yet? Lots of fun summer goodies!

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