Saturday, March 26, 2011

{Wardrobe Challenge Project #4}

Hi Lovelies :)
So for project #4…I am going to repurpose some stuff. Remember last year when Target had that SUPER AWESOME Liberty of London line??? Well I scored a few items in the little girls section that have been sitting in my “to repurpose pile” for like a year. Today is the day folks.
 How fabulous is this fabric??? Thank you Target!!!
{this is a maxi dress} 110_5192 {this is a sleeveless top}110_5193
Both the top and the dress are getting made into this sleeveless top with New Look pattern 6895 view A and I may add ruffles to the neckline if I’m feeling fancy.
Easy top to wear with skinny jeans and a cardi {my uniform of choice}. Since the dress has a TON of fabric to repurpose, it will become a skirt too at some point.
Come back Thursday to see the finished tops!
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Oh, my...sounds fabulous! And, yes, love Target for bringing in Liberty of London! Good luck & can't wait to see the finished top! xoxo Beth

  2. I've never thought about buying clearance dresses just for the fabric ....hmm might have to take a trip to target to see what's on the clearance rack!

  3. Those tops will look great! I love repurposing, and that pattern is my go to for all the tops I make!


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