Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Guest Poster} Jana from Giggles Glitz & Glam

*One of my Twitter friends {Jana} is guest posting at Sew Chatty today and sharing a tutorial for a fun patio furniture redo! She has a great crafty blog called Giggles, Glitz, and Glam. Take it away Jana!*

I got some patio furniture from my ex-boyfriends (quasi boyfriend) family when they moved. By no means is it stylish, but I needed something on my front patio. Wait, is it bad that I still own something from an ex? Cody knows its from them so maybe that makes it better.
Furniture set includes two chairs & two tables. One is like a coffee table and the other like an end table. With a little love these things will be a beauty!
The Chairs, one is a swivel chair & the other is stationary

The tables, pardon how dirty they are.
(Maybe I left them dirty so they would look even better after the remodel)

The beautiful designs that make them worthy!

First and foremost, these babies need a serious cleaning job. We pulled out the power blaster option on our spray nozzle and still had to clean with rags & towels.

Second, some serious sanding down! These bad boys were rusting and had lots of paint flaking off as you can see in the pictures of the detail. We personally used 180-grit sandpaper. We tried using the electric sander to save some time, but we ended up doing most of it by hand. I used a hand sander while Cody used his actual hands.

I was rather impatient to start the project so I left Cody sanding and took the furniture that was ready to the garage to be painted. I laid down a sheet of painters plastic to keep my garage from turning a pretty shade of red.

I painted the furniture first with a primer by RustOleum and by the way, I LOVE RustOleum! Turns out this stuff is fast drying, although I probably should have let it dry a little longer before moving on. It was a sunny day and it felt dry to the touch so I went for it. I suggest reading the directions & maybe even following them.

I then spray painted the furniture with Heritage Red Satin Enamel spray by RustOleum. Pre-warning: it takes at least one can per piece of furniture. I made several trips to Lowe's and still need one more can to finish the swivel chair as well as touch up some of the other furniture.

Overall, I am very impressed with the job and the fact that I got to use spray paint. I LOVE spray paint. I also love Rust Oleum spray paint more than others that I have used. The spray nozzle is bigger than most so I hardly get any on my fingers where some cans I end up with the stuff all over myself.

So here is the finished product...

Don't mind the leaves that I have yet to brush off the porch.

Ready for spring so I can put some flowers in the pot!

The beautiful details.

Be sure to check out my blog for updates on the front porch make-over. Like how these cushions desperately need to be replaced now that my patio furniture is actually pretty!


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