Friday, December 31, 2010

Pom Pom Flower Hairclip or Pin {Tutorial}

I know there are several pom pom flower tutorials floating around blogland so this won’t be new to some of you, but I make mine a little differently {with a hairclip AND pin} so I thought I would share this little tutorial with you!

Pom Pom Flower

1) Gather your supplies…knit fabric (they also look great made with felt and I am dying to try one made with a mix of lace and cotton so stay tuned for that!), felt for the backing, a hairclip, a pin back, sharp fabric scissors, and your trusty glue gun! Love an easy no sew project!


2) Cut your circles. I make mine about 2.5 inches in diameter. I don’t trace them. Just eyeball it and give it whirl. Doesn't need to be perfect. You need one circle from the felt and about 15-20 from the knit depending on how full/big you want your flower to be. You probably won’t use all 20 but it’s good to have extras just in case of a glue gun malfunction or something.


3) Next you are going to hand sew (or glue…whatever floats your boat) your hairclip and pin back to the felt circle.


4) Now you are just going to start gluing your knit circles to the felt. I fold the circle in half, dab the glue (for extra insurance) then fold in half again. Dab the glue on the bottom of the “petal” then place it onto the felt. Hold it there for a few seconds. Keep repeating this step until your flower is as puffy as you want it to be.

110_4431 110_4434 110_4435 110_4437

I like mine to be about 3” in diameter. As you are gluing be mindful of the shape of your flower and try to make it as round as possible. It’s easy to get a little lopsided.

5) Once you have the shape and puffiness you desire…you’re done! How easy is that?!?!


Here are some of my favorite ways to wear these flowers {or my Shabby Blossoms}

110_4428110_4462 110_4455 110_4456 110_4458

So many possibilities! These flowers are so fun to make and come together quickly! I gave them as Christmas gifts with pretty scarves from Cost Plus World Market. I hope you make some too and if you do…share them on my Flickr group!

For those of you that want a flower but don't feel like crafting your own...I will have these for sale in the shop in January!

Happy New Year friends! Be safe and have FUN!


  1. Love the fact that you used a hair clip AND a pin! That's so smart!

    Happy New Year!

    Denise @ Simply Weekends

  2. These are SOOO beautiful! Thanks for sharing the how-to with us :)

  3. hi, i'm fitria. greeting from far away, indonesia.
    i'm your new follower. what a preety blog.

    I've some tutorial too, not in english, but i think see the picture is enough for us to understand the step. please come by if you have a spare time. thank you.

  4. So super cute! I will have to make a few!

    Would love for you to come link up!

  5. This is great! I've seen the felt flowers like this around too, but I like the thought of doing it in jersey, it probably has more movement. :) Great idea!

    I'd love for you to come link this up to my linky party!

  6. Love this! I have tons of knit fabric and need to try it, thanks for sharing!


  7. These look really pretty on the scarves! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this! Such a fun way to spice up an old shirt!

  9. I love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your site and I'm definitely joining your link party!

  10. I put a pic of a pom pom flower I made on my blog using your tutorial (& I linked back to your blog). Thanks for your inspiration & I hope you like the result (see link below).

  11. You had me at pom pom. So cute!!!I cannot wait to try it out!

  12. love how you can dress up everything so pretty with pom poms!

    starting every monday over at there will be giveaways and linky parties! so come and join in for some fun and inspiration!

    -The tootsie wootsie

  13. OMG these are adorable! Such a fun way to dress up any ole boring shirt, or anything for that matter!

    Hannah @

  14. Lovely!!! I love making these hair clips for myself. I hadn't thought to use knit material! love it! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  15. hey. i'm your newest follower! love your blog and shop. must have one of those pocket calendars!!!
    thanks for the tutorial. i cannot get enough of the flower pins!


  16. Hi! Also a new follower! These are adorable! Love how simple they seem. I've got some gifts to make, thanks for the inspiration.

  17. This was really easy - thanks for the tutorial. I'm still working on trying to get it even all the way around, but I think that will take practice :) I linked to you over at


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