Friday, December 17, 2010

FAQ page in the works...

I am in the process of creating an FAQ page for the blog and I need your help! Is there anything you want to know about me (that's not on my About Me page), the shop, or the blog? Just ask away!

Lots of fun new things coming to the shop and blog in January! Can't wait to share with you all! Hope you continue to have a happy and blessed holiday season!


  1. i'm following from the weekend blog hop! i hope you'll visit my blog and follow back!

    your blog is fantastic! i'll be back for sure - just picking up on sewing!


  2. I don't have any brilliant advice or anything to add to your FAQ, but just have to tell you that I love the mustache icon you included in this post. Fabulous!


I love your comments, they make my day! Is your email linked to your profile so I can reply to you? Hope so!

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