Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{DIY Coffee Bar...and DONUTS!}

Hi friends! I'm packing like a crazy person and gearing up for SNAP tomorrow! Can't wait, but first I'm sharing a fun little DIY project with you!

 We entertain A LOT. And we are coffee people so making this cute little coffee bar area in our dining room was really fun!

My husband sanded and painted two TV trays and bolted them together which created a super fun little station for me to go crazy with! We have a Keurig that we use daily, but for entertaining, we still need a larger coffee pot. I buy that coffee at Target. It's delish and super CHEAP cost effective, not to mention the can is way adorable and I use them as vases after we empty them out. Hydrangeas and daisies look fab in there. I hit up World Market recently and got those stacking mugs and crazy cute cookie jar. The mugs are GINORMOUS. They double as ther perfect ice cream bowl too! I'm slowly adding some cute stuff to the wall above. I want to add a few more hoops and maybe a coffee print or two.

Here is a closer look at the TV trays turned coffee station! Super simple and fun project for all my coffee loving friends!

And what goes better with coffee than DONUTS! A few weeks ago I bought this awesome Sunbeam Donut Maker on clearance at Target for $15 and it has been really fun!

So far, my favorite donuts have been these Cinnamon Toast Crunch ones I made for crafting brunch with some of my girlfriends!

They couldn't be easier too! I bought the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffin Mix (Target) and made it up according to the package directions. I poured the batter into a ziploc and snipped off the end so I could pipe the batter into the donut maker. I got about 15 donuts from the batter. Once they were cool, I glazed them with a simple powdered sugar/milk glaze and dipped them in the crumb topping that comes with the mix. They were so good! Big hit with my crafty lady friends!

Now you're set to enjoy some coffee and donuts with good friends! Have a happy day!

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