Thursday, September 29, 2011

{TOM’s flag tote}…a tutorial

Hey there! It’s been a looooooonnnnnggg time since I posted a tutorial on this little blog of mine, but fear not! I have a really fun one for you today!


Unless you have been living under a rock…you know about TOM’s. They are are pretty much the most comfy shoes EVER. A little pricey yes, but for every pair you by, a pair is donated to a child in need. One for one and that’s pretty awesome.

Tucked inside the box with your new shoes comes a little flag. Between the three of us we have 5 pairs of TOM’s so that’s a lot of flags to play with. I knew I wanted to repurpose them I was just waiting for inspiration to strike.

Hang on to your hats friends…I give to you the TOM’s flag tote bag TUTORIAL.



TOM’s flag, various fabrics (I like to mix and match & used 3 different prints), fusible fleece, fusible interfacing, and your basic sewing supplies.

You can make any sized tote you want. I made mine 16x16 with a boxed bottom. If that sounds good to you, follow the tute as written or you can make your own adjustments along the way depending on the size of bag you decide on. You also don’t HAVE to use the flag. This is a very simple box tote that is really versatile. Add whatever trim and accents you want! Make it unique to you!

Cut List:

1. Cut an outer piece that is 16x16.

2. Cut 2 lining pieces that are 16x16.

3. Cut 2 pieces of fusible fleece 16x16.

4. Cut 2 strap pieces 4x22.

5. Cut 2 pocket pieces 4x6.25

6. Cut 2 pieces of interfacing 4x22

7. extra outer strips…you’ll need to figure out your measurements after you trim your flag. Sorry, I know that’s a little vague, but bare with me!




First we’re going to prep all of our pieces. Trim off the little grommets on the flag. Next you need to cut your framing strips that will be sewn to your flag in order to make the front panel 16x16. Everyone will have different measurements here because I doubt all the flags are exactly the same size, but you want two strips for the short side and two for the long side…we’re kind of making a quilt block.


Sew your short strips to each short side RST with 1/4” SA. Once you get those on and the whole piece measures 16” wide, you’ll know how big to cut your top and bottom strips. Make sense? I really hope so!


Press your seams open.


Once you get your strips sewn on it should look like this and measure 16x16”.


Adhere your fusible fleece to the outer pieces according to the manufacturers directions.


Iron your interfacing to your strap pieces.


Sew your pocket pieces RST with a 1/4” SA making sure to leave a 3” or so opening in one side for turning.


Clip the corners of your pocket, turn inside out, press, and topstitch the top closing the opening.


Take your strap with the interfacing and press in the edges 1/4” on each side. Then press in half. Do this for both straps.


Topstitch each strap down both sides.


Topstitch pocket to lining piece.


Now that all your pieces are prepped, you get to sew your tote! Pin three sides leaving top open and making sure your flag is facing the right direction. Sew your outer pieces RST with a 3/8” SA. If you have a walking foot, now would be a great time to attach it. It makes sewing on the fleece a lot easier.


Sew your lining pieces together the same way.


I like to box the bottom of my totes. This is optional. If you want you can skip this part. Cut a 2” square out of each corner on your lining and outer pieces.


Open up the square and pin it like this. Sew each corner with a 3/8” SA making sure to backstitch. 


Turn the bag right side out. Pin and baste your straps to outside of your bag. I like mine about 3.5” in from the side seam. Make sure your straps are straight with no twists in them! They should look just like this. Make sure they line up on each side. Straps can be tricky, but you got this!


Stitch the straps to the bag with a 1/4” SA.


Place the outer bag inside the lining pieces making sure the edges and side seams line up. Leave a 3-4” opening along a side seam for turning. 


Sew the pieces together with a 3/8” SA.


Turn the bag out and tuck the lining down inside.


Press the bag all around the top so that the edge is nice and neat. Pin the opening closed and topstitch around the whole bag.

You are done friend!!! Stand back and admire your new super cute new TOM’s flag tote!


Guess what…there’s more!!! The bag you just made is REVSIBLE! Yep that’s right! Two bags in one! You’re welcome :)


I hope you enjoy this tutorial! It would make my day if you pinned it and made one and shared some pics with me!

NOTE: Please remember as with all my tutorials, this is for personal use only. Please do not sell any bags you make from this tutorial.

Have a happy day!!



  1. very cool way to use something you already have. super cute!

  2. What an awesome tutorial (and awesome shoes!) I really need to get some TOMS. Can't wait to make myself a tote! Thanks, lady!

  3. I LOVE this bag!!! Seriously, the fabric is perfect with the Toms flag! And... your fingernails look really nice too. I want to make a bag so bad, but I'm very intimidated. I'm terrified of wasting fabric.

  4. Awesome tutorial Elizabeth! Lots of work went into this and I can tell. The results are beautiful :)

  5. Great tutorial! So cute! Thanks for sharing! Oh and...pinned. :)

  6. SO SO SO awesome Elizabeth! I love it!
    I thought i saw somewhere on their site that you're supposed to take a picture of yourself with your flag and e-mail it in or something. Look in to it, you could send one of you wearing your awesome tote :)

  7. I absolutely ADORE this bag!! The fabrics are really great!! Esp the dotted one. Great job and great tute.

  8. fabulous tutorial - GREAT fabric selections....!! too cute.

  9. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Made myself a bag last night and love how it turned out. I added a few more pockets and used the "one for one" side of the flag. Thanks again!
    Check it out here:


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