Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So blessed.

Ever since I made my Ruffley Bible Cover, I've had lots of requests to make them for other people. What a blessing it is to make something so special for someone! Here are a two of the latest...

Strawberries for Audrey

Flowers for Tracy


  1. SEW Pretty! I love the fabric and ruffle you used. Thanks for linking up at Trendy Treehouse!

  2. loved the ruffley covered notebook/journal..i wish i could have one of those...btw, bouffe e bambini sent me over...

  3. Oh I love them! I want one for me! The strawberries one is my favorite.
    Amie @

  4. I love the covers and the added details!
    I was sent by bouffe e bambini!

  5. oh love them!! I was on a Bible cover kick for a while and made them for about every single person (not really but a lot of people!) in my church :) I love the ruffles!!


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