Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Adventures of Baxter.

A few weeks back, we got to take home Baxter…the class pet. Baxter is a stuffed dog. Carter could not have been more excited that he had been chosen to care for Baxter for 3 whole days!!!! He literally squealed with delight when his teacher picked his name. Adorable.

Thus began our adventure with Baxter. Carter gave Baxter a tour of the house, they colored a bit, and then we decided to take Baxter to Disneyland…fun right???




We had a lovely time………………until the tram ride back to the car. Carter says “Oh no! Where’s Baxter’s tag?” Fabulous. We’re the family that loses part of Baxter somewhere between the Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan. See the picture in front of the Mickey Pumpkin? Tag. And the picture in front of the castle? No tag. At least we didn’t lose Baxter, but still! Got a little panicky at that point. But then I had a brilliant mommy moment and decided that we should take Baxter on another adventure tomorrow…to Petsmart to get a new tag.





A REAL DOG TAG. How cool is that? Crisis averted.


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