Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and some Fall Craftiness!

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I have to apologize. I have been a horrible blogger! Since school started I have been a crazy lady trying to balance everything…family, house, church, friends, and work. Too busy I tell you. But things are slowing down a bit and I think I have finally found my groove again! I have my meals planned for the week and that always makes for a happy Mommy. I even got to do some fall crafting this weekend (pics below the menu).

mpm-1Make sure you check out Org Junkie for lots of great menu planning tips!

Monday: Grilled Lime Chicken bowls with brown rice, guac, salsa

RECIPE: Marinate chicken breast in a little olive oil, lime juice and salt for about 30 minutes. Make some brown rice in your rice cooker. Grill Chicken breasts. Serve with homemade guac and homemade salsa. We make the salsa a little less spicy, but it is still really yummy and flavorful! This dinner is WAY better than Chipotle…and much healthier too!

Tuesday: Black Bean Soup (that didn’t get made last week), with salad

Wednesday: B-day party at Chuck E. Cheese…salad bar :)

Thursday: Potato Tacos, with Green Salad

Friday: out to dinner before hubs championship softball game

Weekend: Sat-my birthday bbq/game night, Sun-Vision Dinner at church

And now for the crafty fun! I made some new fall decorations for the dining room. I love fall. And I LOVE fall decorating! Even though it’s still over 100 degrees in sunny southern California, I found a great table runner tutorial and a super cute fabric pumpkin tutorial to whip up (in my nice air conditioned sewing room of course!). I have big plans to make some pillow covers for the couches, more pumpkins, and a small runner for coffee table this week. Stay tuned!

Quilted Table Runner


Reverse Side


Fabric Pumpkins


Have a great week friends!


NOTE: For the pumpkins, the tutorial I used was great, but to avoid rectangular pumpkins, before you sew the front and back pieces make sure you draw a circle on your fabric as a guide to sew on. This is so your pumpkins are nice and round (unless of course you want a rectangular pumpkin, then follow her directions!). For mine, I used a dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl as templates to get the three different sizes. If you have any other questions, I will try and answer them in comments.


  1. Can you post your recipe for the chicken bowls? They sound yummy! And I love your pumpkins!!

  2. oooh! love those pumpkins! seriously - they're fabulously plump and oh-so happy!

    welcome back to blogging!


  3. @AnnieJackDesigns

    I updated the post to include the Chicken Bowl recipe. Easy Peesy...enjoy!

  4. Well, I am having trouble leaving a comment with my Google account.. ugh! I really want to tell you that I love all your Fall stuff. And the "round" pumpkins! I have that same tutorial on my list of things to make so your tip to make them round came just at the right time! Thanks!

  5. @Dana
    You are so welcome Dana! My first one came out weird so I new I needed to make it a circle if I wanted it to actually look like a pumpkin! Have fun making them!

  6. Cute pumpkins! I love using prints for projects like these, it makes them so much more interesting than plain orange pumpkins!

    And your meal plan has reminded me to pull out the black bean soup recipe now at it's cooling off some.

  7. @QuiltyGirl
    Don't you just love fall! Enjoy your's still over 100 degrees here, but I will crank the air down so I can enjoy my soup in the crisp cool air!

  8. Loving the pumpkins! Thanks for the link to the tutorial, and your "adjustment" tips!

  9. I love your pumkins and table runner. A fall table runner is on my to-do list,LOL!

  10. Super Cute pumpkins!!! And I love your table runner (I♥ quilting).

  11. Ohhhh! What a pretty table runner, great fabrics and colors! And those pumpkins! CUTE! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's.

  12. Those pumpkins and that runner are darling!!

    Thanks for linking up this week, see you next time :)


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