Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Antique Store Finds!

Orange Circle, Orange, CA


I am blessed to live in an area with lots of great antique shops. A few weeks back we took a Sunday morning and went to brunch then off to browse the shops. I ended up with a few fun things!

Vintage Flour Sack Fabric

There were several choices but these were my favorites! Still deciding what to make with them…


  Vintage Appliance Cozy

I have no idea what this was originally made for or what I will make with it, but I love the fabric. Kind of whimsical and Japanese inspired.


Aqua Dessert Dish

I think I will use this for fabric covered buttons!


Big Yellow Thimble

I thought this was very fitting for my sewing room! I am going to use it to store some notions and a few other odds and ends.



  1. I used to work just off the Circle in high school - i love it there - such a time warp! I need to visit some of the antique stores - they're on my list when I get a few extra $$ to spare!

    You found some fun treasures!!


  2. oh my goodness! i need to go antiqueing again, i would LOVE to have something like that turquoise holder!!!


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