Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{Crochet Boot Cuff TUTORIAL}

Hi friends! I have a fun crochet tutorial to share with you today! 

I have been making LOTS of boot cuffs. They are such a fun accessory for the cooler months. Anyhow, I've tried out several different patterns both free tutorials I've found online and patterns I purchased when those didn't work out... Anyhow, in my quest for a pair of boot cuffs that fit my need for quick and simple gifting, I have found nothing. But like they say, "necessity is the mother of invention"...so I came up with my own pattern and they are quick and simple and CUTE. You'll be able to whip these up in a bout an hour, plus I'm showing you how to package them all professional like too. You're welcome.

Pin this image!
Pin this image!
worsted weight yarn
size H 5mm hook
yarn needle
 Chain 35. Note: 35 worked great for me, but you may need to add or decrease chains depending on your calf size.
 Join chain with slip stitch being careful not to twist your chain.
 Chain two.
 DC in each chain all the way around.
 You made it!
 Join with a slip stitch to top of first DC. Chain 2. Turn.
 DC in each chain around. Repeat pattern for 8 rows.
 Done! Fasten off and weave in your ends. Now make the second cuff the same way.
After you weave in all your ends, add your buttons. I like to add mine to the second row from the top and on the sides. Be mindful to keep your seams in the back and also that you are adding one button to the right side of one cuff and one to the left side of the other so that you have a right and a left. Make sense?

Front View
Side View

 Alright, lets talk packaging. These will make a GREAT Christmas gift for any accessory loving girl in your life. 

Kraft paper. A strip that measures about 3x15 is perfect.
Stamp kit
cute tape to cover the functional tape

Stamp your wrapper. Wrap it around the cuffs and tape it closed with the clear tape. Then place the cute tape over that tape. Pictured below.

Fabric tape is from Daiso. I love it so much!
For these ones I added a little rosette pin too. For the rosette pattern click here. For the leaf pattern click here.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Happy stitching!!

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  1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Just pinned some to these pics! Can't wait to make some of these for my daughters' friends!!! Perfect!
    xo- susan @SugarBeans.org

  2. Soooo cute friend!! I love it! These will be great gifts for my nieces! I love the packaging ideas too.:)

  3. So, so cute! And those rosettes make me smile they're so adorable. Love it all! xo

  4. Thank you. I love it all. I am curious though, what stamp kit did you use. It looks awesome! Wish I had one like it.

  5. Hello! I just had to let you know that I LOVE the simple packaging,and used it on my slippers I make. I posted a quick blog post about it and linked up your tutorial..I hope that's okay!

  6. Hello and thanks for posting this tutorial. I am just confused about the part where it says to chain 2 and turn, so jist to be clear you mean that I have to chain 2 and then crochet to the opposite side like I would when crocheting rows. Sorry but I have never done this in the round, please explain thank you

    1. Yes, you'll chain two then turn your work the other direction. Makes the seam less noticeable.

  7. Thank you for this simple but fab tutorial, I have been looking for a nice simple design to top my boots. I may even add one of my flower brooches as an extra finish rather than the button :)


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