Monday, October 21, 2013

{Crochet Rippled Mug Rug Tutorial}

Hey there! I have a fun little project to share with you today! Over the weekend, I taught myself how to do the ripple crochet stitch. I can safely say I'm already addicted and will start on my first blanket soon!

image via my Instagram @sewchatty

I taught myself using the AWESOME tutorial from Attic 24. If you are a crocheter, you need to know about this blog. So much inspiration there!

Anyhow, she teaches you how to do a sample that's two rows. I got in the groove and wanted to keep going. Ripping out the stitches and starting a real project seemed sad sooooooo...I turned my practice sample into a ripply mug rug!

 I kept repeating the pattern, changing colors as I went. I ended up with this fun little rainbow that I just love! It's 5 stripes total (10 rows). What a sweet little gift this would be with a favorite tea and cookie.

Here's a second pinnable image for you :)

So get to it! Teach yourself how to do the ripple stitch and turn your practice piece into a perfect little mug rug! Happy stitching friends!

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  1. this is to cute love it , how many did you chain ?

  2. So fun!! Her blog is loaded with inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your cute mug rug!! :) xo Holly

  3. This is ADORABLE! I love this!!

  4. She does give you the directions for the ripple pattern but I too would like to know how many YOU chained to get your finished project? Thx


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