Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{Mantle Makeover}

Happy New Year friends!!! I am so excited to share this new year with you! I have so many fun ideas and projects to share with you all in the coming months! It's going to be a fun time :)

Fist up...my fresh new mantle makeover!

As soon as Christmas is over, I get bit HARD the the purging and redecorating bug. I crave a clutter free and organized space, but it needs to be homey too. 

My mantle is my favorite thing in our home. I just love everything about it and it's SO fun to decorate!

Here's a close up of all the bits and peices.

 Hoops. You can never go wrong with hoops in my book! Pick out some fun fabrics that make you smile. Seriously, how cute is that little fox??? I have a little bit more of that sweet fabric so you'll be seeing more of it :)
 We are in the process of booking a family shoot to get REAL photos taken, but for now, this is the best picture of us. I found a pretty frame at Home Goods and that AWESOME 3 is from a store at the Orange Circle called Eikon. It's AMAZING. 
 Vintage books. Mason jar, yarn, lace, roses from our yard.  Purdy.
 This frame was a fun little project! We spray painted a cheap frame and glued a few rows of twine to the inside. Mini clothespins will hold a few favorite pics. I want to get a few Instagrams printed for this. SO cute! And the owl is a fun find from Home Goods. Love him!
This is my very favorite wreath EVER. Burlap, lace, fabric scraps, and a few favorite flowers. I love it all. So scrappy and fabulous!

Happy New Year everyone and HAPPY DECORATING!!!

P.S. Stop by tomorrow for the release of my new crochet pattern...the Mug Sweater. They are SO cute!

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