Thursday, August 9, 2012

{Recipe: Salmon Tacos}

Hey there! I'm sharing a fun recipe with you all today!

A few weeks back, we re-upped our Costco membership. I picked up the back of frozen salmon filets and have had fun coming up with tasty recipes to use it up! Here is our favorite so far...

 I didn't take pics along the way, but this is a really simple meal to throw together so you shouldn't have any problem following along. This was just enough for my husband and I, but if you are feeding more people, plan accordingly :)

1 Costco salmon fillet, thawed
olive oil
4 corn tortillas, fried cripsy
Costco spring salad mix
Cilantro salad dressing from Trader Joe's
queso fresco

My husband fried up the tortillas while I cooked the salmon. Teamwork woot! Heat up a tbsp of olive oil in your skillet. Place the salmon filet in a shallow dish and squeeze some lime juice on one side. Season with salt and pepper. Place seasoned side down in the skillet. Season the side now facing up with the lime juice salt and pepper. Cook 5 minutes on the first side, flip it over and cook 3 minutes on the second side or unitl cooked through.

While your salmon is cooling, toss some of the spring mix with the TJ's cilantro dressing. Cut up your avocado, tomato and cheese too. I cut the filet into 4 smaller pieces. Place fish in taco shell and add you toppings! Yum. They are SO good. We just had them with chips and salso, but you could serve them with rice, beans, etc...whatever you're family likes.

What are your favorite go-to meals from Costo ingredients? If you've blogged about them, leave the link in your comment. I need more ideas! 

Enjoy the tacos! Have a happy day!

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  1. Oh my goodness these look delicious! I'm making these for dinner tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! Pinning this now!


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