Friday, April 13, 2012

{InstaFriday: My life in phone pictures}

Hi friends and HAPPY FRIDAY to you! I love Instagram. Like seriously love it. It reminds me take pictures of little things in my day that make me happy that I would otherwise probably forget all about. I love that I can share these pictures with you too. I'm linking up with Jeannett for Instafriday.

life rearranged

It was spring break for us this week. Here's the recap:

Pretty nails are always a nice way to start off a week, don't you think? This is SH Kook A Mango w/ OPI rainbow glitter {I think from the Kardashian line...I know, I know, but it's pretty}.

The Carterman climbed into bed with me early Monday morning. Lucy quickly greeted him. Then I hear things like "Um, mom, Lucy is on me. How will I get up for breakfast? Is she playing statue? She is SOOOOOO heavy!"

Carter was very excited to start spring break so he got dressed on his own. In a Cars shirt, plaid shorts, spiderman socks, and plaid shoes. Quite the ensemble. If it was a school day, I would have made him change, but hey, we're on vacation so I let him express his creativity.

We enjoyed a picnic at the park. I made the meal plan and grocery list for the week while he played. Beautiful afternoon! Then we went to the library!

I love that Carter is really starting to love to read on his own. Makes my momma heart so happy! We got lots of Dr. Seuss books.

We went to Disneyland one day! It was beautiful. Like 75 degrees. Just the way spring break should be. We are done with our stroller days so Carter had to carry a backpack with all the food and snacks and he did awesome! Yayee for child labor! Oh, and how awesome am I at drawing the Cheshire Cat?!? The animation building at DCA is one of our favorite places to go!

Southern CA weather is psychotic. One day it's 75 and beautiful and we go to Disneyland and the literally the next day is freezing and raining and we have to wear slipper socks. Lame.

This cat. She's so weird {and yes she's very fat}. She sleeps by the fridge because it's warm and she's ALWAYS FREEZING. I seriously had to scoot her out of the way with the door. You can see she didn't budge well. Dear Lucy, not a convenient place for you to sleep during the dinner hours.

The best chocolate cookies EVER. I promise to share the recipe soon :)

I got to spend an afternoon with my friend Ellie from Elliebellie Handmade chatting handmade business type things. Look at the awesome note cards she made for me!?! Ellie makes the sweetest paper products I have ever seen. She is relaunching her shop in June and she is super duper awesome! Trust me when I say you want to know her! She is on Twitter and Instagram as @ellieabney so you should follow her!

Spring break meant down time and sewing for ME. I often get so busy sewing for the shop and blog that I burnout and forget that I actually like sewing! Making pretty things for myself always fixes that. I made a scarf, an iPad case, spiffed up a dress and a bag, and made a Pocket Clutch all to take to Snap with me next week!

Remember my business cards that I made a few weeks back? Well here is the Pocket Clutch I made for them! It will hold my phone and my cards which is pretty perfect. This is the Keyka Lou Pocket Clutch pattern which happens to be on sale for just $5 right now!!! In fact ALL of her awesome patterns are on sale right now! Just click the Keyka Lou button at the top of my sidebar to purchase! 

Are you on Instagram? I'm @sewchatty if you want to follow along! 

Do you have big plans this weekend? We start our backyard redo tomorrow and I seriously couldn't be happier about it! Stay tuned for updates {and bbq's} along the way!

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  1. Your slipper socks are too cute and look really warm. We are having the same issues in central texas, 85 one day and the next I'm digging around for my coat. Your crafting pics are awesome!
    Hope you will stop by tomorrow and link up your awesome post!

  2. I happily follow you on Instagram :) Love all your pics!

  3. i am a new follower from the party i hope you'll check out my blog follow and comment!

  4. Thanks for adding my stationary to the list!! :)

  5. And for all of your kind words :)


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