Thursday, March 22, 2012

{let's make your keys cute}

I have a fun and EASY tutorial for you today for an {all fabric} Key Fob! 

Key fobs are FABULOUS. Hands free is the way to be! Yes, I know that there are lots of key fob tutorials but I was not able to find one that I liked that used only fabric NO WEBBING so I made my own and I'm sharing with you because I like you a lot and I want you to have cute things. You're welcome.

Alright here we go!

First lets gather our supplies.

You're going to need:
 1. two coordinating fabrics. Cut 1 12"x2" piece of each one.
2. key fob hardware. I used 1" key fob hardware that I purchased HERE.
3. Peltex. You can find it at the fabric store with all the interfacing. It's the one that's SUPER STIFF like cardboard. You are going to cut your Peltex just a hair shy of 1 inch wide. The length is 12".
4. various other supplies: coordinating thread, mat, rotary cutter, hem gauge, fray check, pliers, kitchen towel
5. optional lobster clasp {so you can clip in onto your bag/jeans when you're out and about}

 Now that your strips are cut press them nicely and put them right sides together. You can pin if you want to. I'm not a pinner. Slows me down!
 Sew RST using a 1/4 seam allowance.
 Press your seam open.
Press on the front side too.
 Now take your hem gauge and press the edges under and 5/8" {that says 1/2", but ignore it and do 5/8}. Do this for both long edges.
 Fold in half and press well. Lots of steam!
 Press it on the front side too.
 Now you're going to shimmy your strip of Peltex into the seam allowance of the "outer" side.
It will look like this when you have it in there.
 Press it well from both sides making sure the edges are matching up nicely.
 Now you are going to top-stitch down both sides. I think a 1/8" top-stitch looks nice.
 Time to trim up the edges to make them nice and neat.
 Grab your fray check and apply to all the raw edges.
While the fray check dries, go find the pliers and maybe eat a piece of chocolate.
 Fold your fob in half right side out matching up the raw edges.
 Place your hardware over the raw edges.
 Wrap your fob in your towel {so you don't scratch the metal} and squeeze hardware into place. Make sure everything is still lined up perfectly after you put the towel over. Squeeze the middle first, then the sides. That's what works best for me. Attach your key ring and optional lobster clasp and your done!
 Thanks for stopping by! Now go make your keys cute!

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  1. Super cute! I like this tutorial, I like the just fabric option better than the webbing. These would make great gifts, too!

  2. There it is! The cute tutorial for the key chain!

  3. really lovely!!! you are a great presser (I'm so bad at that even though I know it is SO important) you've inspired me to do better! xo

  4. Very cute! I make the ones with webbing, but this will be great to keep in mind for the future. I'd like to have something a little different.

  5. Thanks for the tute, your nails are almost as fabulous as the key fob! :-)

  6. Thanks for the tutorial!! And I like your yellow polish too :)

  7. Awesome, I love this!! I like the dimensions of this one way better than the ones with webbing :)

  8. I can't wait to make my own! I love key fobs! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  9. Your keys ARE cute now & so are your nails! I don't sew much, with or without webbing, but will definitely keep peltex in mind!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting


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