Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{some sewing for me}

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a happy Wednesday! A big thanks to everyone who linked up to Made With Love this week! I can't wait to feature some of my favorites on the FB page today!

I sewed up a super cute little bag over the weekend! Wanna see???

Isn't it fun? This is the Dewdrop Bag pattern designed by Keyka Lou. My intention was originally to sew this one up as the sample to familiarize myself with the pattern, and then make several more to list in the shop. However, once I got it done I thought it was just a little on the small side. The style is adorable and it definitely fits all my essentials, but the Strap Clutches currently listed in THE SHOP are a bit bigger and I'm already working on a few smaller wristlet type bags for the shop so I will not be adding these.

Pretty excited I get a new little bag though!

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  1. If it were larger, it looks like it would be a great crochet bag!

    1. That would have been perfect! Sadly it's just a bit too small. I might try to enlarge the pattern at some point.


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