Friday, August 19, 2011

{the kindness of strangers}

I have a miracle to share with you all! It's so crazy and I am still processing through it all, but can I just say the MY GOD IS GOOD! And SO faithful. I will preface with these two things to give you a little bit of a back story...

1) A while back I was having issues with my blog design. My OCD likes things to line up and the buttons on my blog were all wonky. It was driving me crazy. I tweeted about my frustration and along came Dana Sears from She fixed it for me free of charge and I told her that when I was ready for a blog redesign, I'd be calling for sure.

2) Most of you know this, but my son Carter has autism. A lot of research has come out recently that promotes the use of an iPad in kids with autism. You can load them with apps that aid in social communication and routine. It would be a huge help at school for his teachers and therapists as well.  As much as we would love to get one for him...we don't have an extra $500 just lying around. I called the insurance company to ask if they would cover it and the girl literally laughed at me!

Ok, there is the back story. Now onto the MIRACLE. Last night I happened to see a tweet of Dana's that her purse and her son's iPad had been stolen. So heartbreaking. She is a mommy with a mission though and was determined to get it replaced. She was contacting everyone she could think of to learn of any giveaways and was even going to set up a fundraiser for people to donate. I replied something to the extent of "I'm so sorry. I'd be sick over that too. My son has autism as well and would love an iPad for him. I'll pray for a miracle that it's returned!" She thanked me and I sincerely prayed that the Lord would grant them a miracle. Well folks HE DID.

As I was getting ready this morning my phone started going crazy with tweets from Dana. "I NEED to talk to you!" "Are you around???" I thought, wow, the Lord must have returned her purse and her son's iPad! Ahhh, the power of prayer! Well, that's true, her things were recovered, but that's not all! This is what her message to me said..."Ok, found purse & ipad, so thankful . Blogging about how & where now. But here's the thing, I think that God may have given me this to help someone else. It was a heads up that other people with children who have autism need to have the same help. So I want your permission to change the "fundraiser" and all funds given to go to your little boy. Is that ok? Well it has to be!"

OH MY GOSH. I was stunned and couldn't even think straight. It blows me away that someone I don't really know and have had very limited contact with would offer to do something like this for our family. God is so good I can't even stand it!

So of course I agreed to let her set this up on our behalf. I fully believe that this is the Lord's hand at work. I'm not telling you all this because we're asking for handouts, I ultimately just want to share with you this miracle. To read more of the story and hear how Dana's things were recovered (it's amazing!!!) click here. I don’t think she’s going crazy at all. I think the Lord moved in a big way! If you want to donate, there is also a button on her post linked to our account. All funds are going towards Carter's iPad.

Carter Bo

I still can't believe this is happening! Also another side note...Carter was approved for Regional Center services this week as well which is a miracle in itself! I can't help but think the Lord is going to bless us with the perfect therapist that will teach us how to use this miracle gift of an iPad to help us and Carter.

So incredibly blessed.



  1. this is so awesome! Praise the Lord and may the funds be raised quickly, what a blessing. He sees:)

  2. What a great story. I love to hear about those kind (well...any kind really) of miracles. I've seen God provide what people need in so many creative ways. Thanks for sharing this encouraging story!

    --Stephanie from Make Home Make Sense

  3. Amazing story! God IS so good! And He can orchestrate the details waaay better then we ever could! =)

  4. This was a wonderful post to read. :) The Lord does grant many miracles!

  5. That is an awesome story. I'm so glad you saw God's hand at work! And this is amazing for your son - I used to work with children with autism and I'm a fan of using iPods/iPads as a means of communication.

  6. Such a neat story of how GOD does work if you sincerely ASK & PRAY!

  7. That is such an amazing story!! I'll be praying that Carter gets his iPad.

  8. Wow. Our Lord provides! That is so awesome! :)

  9. This makes my heart so happy!!! This is so amazing and I'm happy to be able to celebrate with you!

  10. That is awesome news. As a mom of 2 kids with different forms of autism, I know the Ipad can help them. I hope that you will be able to get one through the fundraising with Dana. Heading over there to read her blog!


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