Friday, July 16, 2010

So BLESSED (a little rambling and an announcement)!

I am feeling so incredibly blessed these days! I started my Etsy shop in January and had no idea it would do this well so quickly! To date I have 30+ followers on my blog, over 180 fans on my Facebook Fan Page, 75 followers on my Twitter, been listed in 2 Etsy Treasuries, got featured on Favorite Things Friday and A Stitch in Lime, and have had 47 sales in THE SHOP! It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s so rewarding to know that people actually like my things! Thank you SO much to everyone who has supported me along the way. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love! And because you have blessed me I want to bless you right back! I will be on vacation in sunny San Diego next week but while I am gone, you should enter my summer giveaway! I will be giving away a super cute Ruffled Sunglasses Case! How lucky are you?!?! I’ll be posting the actual giveaway post tomorrow with details on how to enter so check back then. Have a happy Friday everyone! We are off to the pool to beat this heat!


  1. Aw, this post is so full of happy! Congratulations on having such great success over such a short period of time :) I'm one of your followers and definitely like what you make!

    In fact, I featured your anthro-inspired headbands on my blog today! Check it out:

    Have a great vacation next week! I'm going camping this weekend and I can't wait! Hooray for summer, hey? :)

    - Jana

  2. Okay, so I know I already commented on your sunglass case, but I love these too. AND I love your headbands, AND I love your scarves.

    Seriously you are one talented girlie.

    I really hope you can come by and say hi sometime...

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You are one talented lady & I'm now following your blog so I can see all your creations!


  4. Stopping in seeing as you left such a great message on my blog! :) And I am just gonna say it, I LOVE Everything You are making. Sooo stinking cute!
    I heart you on Etsy now and I am following your blog.
    Congratulations with all the success ... any tips for me? ;)


I love your comments, they make my day! Is your email linked to your profile so I can reply to you? Hope so!

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