Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been chaos...

Hi friends :) It's been a crazy few days in the OC. We've been on fire! On Saturday Nov. 15th we took a little jaunt down to Sea World to spend the day with Shamu and about two hours after we got there, our cell phones were ringing off the hook with worried family and friends calling to inform us that our city was on fire! We said farewell to Shamu and his buddies and high-tailed it home to pack up our valuable things and hope for the best. We packed the photos, the computer, important documents, and anything else that couldn't be replaced. Then we waited it out at our pastor's home several miles away. Luckily our neighborhood remained on voluntary evacuation and we were able to return to our home around midnight. It was smokey and ashy and gross, but we had our own beds to sleep in and for that, we were thankful :) We were very lucky and our hearts go out to all those who lost their homes.


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